My Steve Jobs Story

Figure I’d jump on the band wagon here with everyone lamenting the Jobs man as he’s moved out of his CEO role and into being Chairman and share a personal story. I actually worked at a number of Macworlds when they were in Boston as an audio visual tech. These were the days when the expo was huge and spanned the world trade center and Bayside expo in Boston. I was at the infamous keynote having worked directly with Jobs and his staff to ready his presentation where Bill Gates popped up on the screen causing cries afoul from the faithful masses. Still funny to see that reaction it got. I worked at most of the additional keynotes when they moved the expo to New York until Apple finally backed out. So here’s my story.

I’m at the Javitt’s Center in NYC, it’s the day before the keynote and Job’s is rehearsing on stage behind closed doors. I’m in the room as a digital projectionist and security is deadly tight but I had a special pass with the appropriate color coded apple logo granting me access. I had come and gone from the room many times over the days and once again entered the hall from the rear to see Steve stop mid-sentence and stare right at me. I continued to walk forward as he gestured to his handler who came rushing up to me. “Are you supposed to be in here?” he asked me all accusatory… Um, yeah dude. I’ve been here all week setting the gear up, I’m working. I looked up at the stage and saw Steve still looking at me, arms folded. I gave him the universal WTF gesture with my arms, his handler gave him the thumbs up and he continued rehearsing. After all he was getting ready to announce the G4 Cube.

A brush with brilliance? Well not right then and there but I’ll echo what I’ve read quite a bit of lately. The man was one of a kind and built a company unlike anything out there while inspiring a hell of a lot of people. I feel pretty lucky to have been there to witness the turnaround and wish both Steve and Apple well.