Nokia N900 – Two Paragraph Review


With Nokia jumping into Maemo for their future device offerings, there is certainly a lot at stake in terms of closing the UX gap between their competitors as well as enfranchising developers with an open and performance-able platform they can grow their Ovi store offerings on. And with the Nokia N900, they do not disappoint. The device is a huge leap forward in terms of usability and a pleasant device to use and develop for. Nokia used to throw around the term “mobile computer” when describing offerings like the N95 and the N97. This is the first device where this really seems to hold true. The update and firmware repositories in terms of both available content and frequency of updates has been superb. They are truly nimble in this way for the first time, a trend that must continue as they go forward.

One thing that sticks out is that this particular device still caters to the hacker, or maybe what was the early adpoter smart-phone users of the mid-2000’s. The folks who were okay with hacking, installing, tweaking etc… If they mature this platform with this device and bridge the learnings onto a future (and a little thinner 😉 ) mass-market offering, they have really positioned themselves well in the future. Bravo Nokia, great phone!


1 thought on “Nokia N900 – Two Paragraph Review

  1. wow great review. love my n900. just picked a couple unlocked world phones for me and my wife for our vacation and they are great so far. processor is faster, camera is nicer, i love the touch screen. the email and gps are great for my business and my wife loves hers for the games and nokia apps. these are going to keep us busy during down times this year. very happy, like them much better our old unlocked iphones. battery life is long enough to last all day, and the touch screen is way more responsive than my last phone. the facebook is fun too and the youtube is incredible. got our last couple unlocked gsm phones at 2 thumbs way up.

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