Forum Nokia Champion


Is this the year of mobile? It is for me!

I’ve been selected as a Forum Nokia Champion. To paraphrase “Forum Nokia Champions earn recognition for having outstanding expertise in certain Forum Nokia-related areas, participating in various online and offline activities, and sharing and showcasing their knowledge with other Forum Nokia members”. This is a tremendous honor and I am pleased to be associated with such an elite program.

With the launch of the Ovi publishing platform coming soon, I expect Nokia to make big moves in retaining their status as leaders and innovators in mobile. If you’re a publisher, be sure and sign up today.


Podcast: Live from 360|iDev


I recorded an onsite podcast from the 360|iDev conference with some great folks from the Flash Lite and mobile community. Emmanuelle Cipollini from Barefoot Software, James Eberhardt of Echo Mobile, and Dave Yang of swfoo joined me for a quick talk concerning this conference, Flash, and transitioning from Flash to the iPhone.

You can subscribe via iTunes here.

Download the audio file here.

I’ll be posting a rave review on the conference itself later.

MBA Symposium – Gary Hamel


I attended BU’s MBA Symposium this past Saturday. It was a well organized event with some great speakers and break-outs. One that stuck out was Dr. Gary Hamel (beaming in from the silicon valley, very big-brotherish). It was an inspiring speech to say the least but here are some of the points that really stood out for me:

Accountability should go up the org chart as well as down: Hamel described companies where reviews and complaints were placed in tickets and opened up publicly for all the company to see. Management had to respond to these tickets and close them other wise it affected their compensation. Talk about flipping management on it’s head.

Leadership is a privilege, not a right: In the said company, there were no titles or hierarchy. No one was given a leadership based on tenure. Instead teams would agree and ask someone to be a leader based on their demonstrated abilities. A good indicator if someone was in a leadership role was if people responded to meeting invites.

There were just a few of an hour-long brilliant speech. You can read Dr Hamel’s article at the Wall Street Journal.