Mobile Apps in 13 Weeks at MIT


Picked up on this story via TechCrunch. Basically a bunch of kids from MIT built some mobile apps for platforms including Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian as part of a course. They got a little help from the likes of Microsoft, Nokia, and Google which all have offices and research centers strategically located right next to MIT. Interestingly enough no iPhone apps (Objective-C anyone?), but I guess Apple puts more stock in Stanford anyway.

First, these days, is 13 weeks really that fast? These platforms are built for rapid prototyping and launch, so 13 weeks isn’t that impressive, especially from MIT caliber folks who had help from the companies. Another observation is the application ideas. Sure they are interesting but there are no killer apps to be found. Wonder if they went cross campus to the Sloan business school and talked to entrepreneurs there.

I guess my point here is that this kind of innovation should be fostered at other programs, not just MIT. It would also be interesting to see a professional development program offered for folks not in school. And how about build an app in a weekend? You could do that with Flash Lite, the hardest part (as always) would be getting a good idea.


BAMaDUG Episode 3 podcast available

Boston Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group December 2008 meeting - Share on Ovi

Back again for more punishment, we recorded another podcast in Harvard Square the other night. Great conversation and good atmosphere. Here’s the low down:

    Members Rob Toole, Max Antinori, Scott Janousek, Ira Hochman, and Alessandro Pace give a recap of the MAX conference, cover new CS4 features, and the release of the Nokia N97. Recorded on location at Cambridge 1 in Cambridge, MA.

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