Mobile announced


What do you do when no one takes your mobile product platform and creates a truly useful, mass market focused, standalone application? Create your own and tie it into one of your own existing internet services like! According to Bill Perry, the Flash Lite application will allow users to upload, share, and view photos via supported mobile supported devices. Read more about it here.

This is cool, no doubt , however far from a killer app. Especially since sharing your photos from a mobile phone to services such as Flickr, Ovi, insert your cloud based photo service here, has been around and easy for a while now. I think Nokia really has it right with integrating this with the camera application directly.

The other part of this story (and the real win in my opinion) is that they are releasing it first to non-typical Flash Lite devices such as Palm and Windows Mobile (instead of the old faithful S60 devices). Open Screen Project’s main initiative is to get on as many screens/devices as possible. And the fact that they’re adding Palm show’s they’re putting their money where their mouth is.

Now if the devices group can use this as a momentum piece and build some more tie-in’s to their own products or even third-party services, I think they can really go places. It’s an excellent strategy in creating a viable model that other companies can mimic.


Sauna Talk featuring Miikka Skaffari


Found this via Dale. You can now get your news straight from the mouth of high profile Nokia managers from this cutting edge video series filmed in… a sauna.

I give them props for originality and some courage for trying something new. I love it when the host (Arnold Faber) looks completely dis-interested, puzzled, and excited all at the same time when hearing the difference between Symbian and C++. Miika looks like a member of the 80’s metal band Europe, and trust me, I mean that as a total compliment. Faber looks like a sleazy porn director.

So what’s the strategy here? Getting heavy hitters like Miika in to talk to what I’m assuming is a hired actor, to speak about the virtues of N-gage in a towel? I know there’s an effort here to appeal to the gaming community but if I was the product manager I might want to put a little more rigor and context around what the message is here. If they’re trying to get the word out on why game publishers may want to get on board, some data, tutorials, or case studies might be better.

Or maybe I’m just getting old. Can’t wait to see the next one.

Boston Flash Mobile Group Podcast


Something occurred to me when Alessandro notified the Boston Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group meeting of an upcoming meet-up at a local bar. In the past there was always a lot of great conversation had, wouldn’t it be great to capture that and offer it to the world-wide community? Well that’s what we did last night at the Green Briar Pub in Brighton, Mass. Here’s a loose list of subject matter:

    – Verizon Dashboard
    – Adobe Open Screen Project
    – Various others: Nokia as an internet company, Flash on the iPhone, Kunerlite

Keep in mind that this is the first podcast I’ve ever produced, MC’d, etc.. so I think we’ll only do better next time we do this, hopefully soon!

Subscribe Via iTunes Here: podcast-icon.jpg

Get the actual audio File here: mp4.gif

Flash Lite RSS Reader for – Free!


Here you go… a free reader for any Flash Lite 1.1 enabled handset. This is based in part from Alessandro’s tutorial with some extra bells and whistles thrown in. The app uses php to return the xml and pushes to the the post url via your devices browser.

It was a snap to throw together. Too bad I can’t even test it on my N95 8gb because of a bug in the pre-installed Flash Lite player, but it works good on my Nokia 5300.

Keep your eye out in the next week or so for my Nokia WRT version. I’ll put together a comprehensive comparison of that when it’s done. In the meantime, enjoy!

Download the reader here via Mosh.

Skyfire Makes Mobile Browsing Better


I got on the beta for Skyfire for S60 devices and after trying it out, it’s pretty impressive. This is huge; I could actually get the Flash 9 elements on my website for the time on my mobile phone. Wonder if they are using some sort of re-writing technology for that. Skyfire really in some ways trumps other mobile browsers with Flash 9, Quicktime, and other proprietary plugin support. Performance was decent on my N95 8gb though I did experience a crash or two, but that’s why it’s still in beta right?


A couple of annoying things about it. It requires you to put in your email and password every time you use it. So if you mis-type or your connection is flaky you get booted out. Not cool and not a great experience for a beta. Since it’s supposed to stay free, hopefully the authentication part of it will be automatic or go away in future releases.

So how does it measure up against the pre-installed Nokia Browser or the iPhones Apple’s Safari? Pretty good. The product borrows Steve Jobs line as being “the real web” on your handset, and in many ways it is. But Safari really beats it in terms of performance and usability so far. I’d point out that it sees to use a similar zooming method in rendering and rasterizing portions of web pages like Safari does. I’m biased toward the Nokia browser which is really due for an update, but we’ll see where that product evolves going forward.

All in all, I still find mobile browsing awkward in general. It’s a combination of UI issues, IA challenges, and a lack of proper screen real-estate that holds things back in my book. I still prefer Mippin as a portal for most of my news and general web browsing. But I hope to see Skyfire out of beta and out there on more mobiles going forward.