Halloween Screensaver/Wallpaper for Flash Lite Enabled Handsets


Just in time for Halloween, I’m happy to present my first Screensaver/Wallpaper Flash Lite project.

This interactive piece is Flash Lite 2.x compatible and includes the following states:

    – The light inside the pumpkin represents your handsets battery level. The pumpkin will be luminant when you have a full charge, it will diminish as your battery drains.
    – The background represents your handsets time of day. When you are past 6am, the daylight scene is displayed. When you are past 6pm, the night-time scene is displayed (keep an eye out for the creepy owl).

Special thanks goes to my beautiful and talented wife Sarah for the artwork, and to Scott Janousek for leading by example.

Hint: We also are working on an X-mas deliverable we hope to launch by late November!

Happy Halloween!

Get the file here: (Currently tested for the Nokia N95, 5700, and 5300 at 240×320 resolution);