Nokia 5700: my new Flash Lite enabled device


Fresh from my friends at, I just got my unlocked Nokia 5700 XpressMusic phone today. I only have had a limited time to play with it but so far I love it. Despite reading some reports that the device was cheaply made it feels solid and tight. They are really going after the music angle here, and I have to say that it sounds top notch. The reported dedicated audio chip on board does it’s job well with excellent bass response and equalization and with virtually no performance hit to the OS. And after experiencing S60 3rd edition FP1, I can’t imagine life without it, some excellent visual enhancements and top notch performance. As far as I can tell this will be a refreshing change from my bulky Nokia N80.

I got this phone to get back into Flash Lite development. Because of some of the added focus and responsibilities I have at my job, I’ve been concentrating mostly on Actionscript 3.0 and Flex development. I’m looking forward to porting over a few screensaver ideas I was kicking around the s40 platform phones and hope to have some new stuff posted here soon. I love mobile content!

In the meantime, any FL developers who want to send me content for testing, feel free.