Amazon S3 – Simple Storage Service

Get ready to post backups of your HD-DVD’s. Amazon seems to be trying to maximize their bottom line by offering super cheap storage with no contract or obligations. Seems like a pretty good idea since they obviously must have an unbelievable ammount of unused data-warehousing available, so why not make some money on it…. check out these rates:

$0.15 per GB-Month of storage used.
$0.20 per GB of data transferred.

Even supports protocols for use with SOAP and other rpc methods. Perfect for developers who just need some extra space. One thing that is great is thats as the internet grows, storage is becoming more and more infinite and inexpensive.


Mobile Device List

Scott has started an impromptu poll concerning mobile devices, basically asking what do you have and how often do use it. Here’s my list:

Nokia 6620 – Flash Lite 2.0
Nextel Blackberry 7290 – RIM Device
Apple 3g Ipod
Audiovox Maestro Pocket PC – Flash Mobile
Apple 12″ Powerbook G4

In a nutshell, I’d say I use them all pretty regularly… with the Pocket PC being the least used. It has a Holux GPS attached so it’s kind of become a one trick dog lately, but I’m working on a Flash for Pocket PC app that interacts with the GPS data and the Google Map API. One obstacle there is that it needs to be cradled for net access since the CF port is taken up by the GPS, but if I get it to work I may get a PPC with integrated wireless. Yet another thing I’ll need to carry around.

WordPress 2.0 – Obligatory “Hello World!”

It’s been troublesome but here we are with the new version of WordPress. I like it better but it was a bear making it work with my new ISP. Anyway we’re back in business, I may create an archival page with the old posts but since we’re here with a fresh start… maybe I’ll just let bygones be bygones.